Tiny Vessel Brewing Company was established at the end of 2016 as an experimental project on Platts Eyot (island on the river Thames), Hampton, London. Our main goal is to brew innovative twenty-first century beers that would satisfy even the most ardent beer connoisseur. We kickstarted our business by winning the Simply Hops Underdog IPA 2017 Competition and secured places in various events throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. All Tiny Vessel beers are unfiltered, bottle - or cask(keg) - conditioned and contain natural yeast sediment. We do not use any additives or any animal products in the process and all our beers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Summit Else IPA

Summit Else is the Simply Hops Underdog IPA competition winner for 2017. It is a full-bodied, complex flavoured amber beer with a rich hop aroma brewed combining the traditional English methods with innovative techniques. Almost certain to deliver exceptional satisfaction with every sip!

Double Date Brown Ale

Double Date is a strong brown full-flavoured ale brewed with the addition of natural date syrup that aids complexity of aroma and taste. This beer features notes of biscuits and jam and it is delicious enjoyed on its own as well as complimented by various culinary treats.

London Fog

London Fog is a New England style IPA that is very fulfilling yet moreish. It is a hazy, juicy brew that elegantly blends the hops' features with the fruitiness of the used yeast.